Rosalia – Lie Like You Love Me

Rosalia Lie Like You Love Me Download MP3 Leak

Rosalia, a Spanish singer and songwriter, has announced that her first song of 2023 will be released on January 15th. “Lie Like You Love Me” will be the title.

The singer, whose popularity has risen rapidly in recent years as a result of songs such as “Malamente” and “El Mal Querer,” made the announcement on social media. She announced the release date and a short teaser video to her millions of followers. Rosalia can be seen singing and dancing in a dark room in the teaser, giving fans a taste of the song’s style and mood.

Rosalia hasn’t released any new music since the release of her critically acclaimed second album, “El Mal Querer,” in November 2018. The album, which combined traditional flamenco music with modern R&B and pop, earned Rosalia a number of awards and established her as one of Latin music’s most important voices.

Fans are excited for the release of “Lie Like You Love Me” and are curious to see where Rosalia will take her music next. Some believe the song will continue to demonstrate how she blends traditional and modern sounds, while others believe it will be distinct from her previous work.

Rosala surprised everyone when “MOTOMAMI,” the best album of 2022, was released almost a year ago by posting a new single on her TikTok account. Even more surprising, it appears to be a theme that will be translated into English.

It appears to be a song called “LLYLM,” which is an acronym for “Lie like you love me.” Rosala sings this phrase in the chorus of the song, which has a flamenco and rumba sound similar to her single “I swear that,” which she stopped singing after it was released at the beginning of 2020.

Rosalia is known for creating music that is unique and interesting, regardless of genre, and “Lie Like You Love Me” is no exception. Fans can’t wait to hear it when it comes out on January 15.

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