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Flo Milli

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Flo Milli, a rising star, has only been in the game for three years. Since the release of her first two singles in 2019, “Beef Flomix” and “In The Party,” the Alabama-bred rapper has only grown better with each release.




At first, Thursdays were the new Fridays, at least for those who wanted to start their weekend early. Flo Milli, on the other hand, is ahead of the curve in advising us to disregard Friday. “F*ck Friday,” rapper “No Face” tweeted. “Perhaps I’ll just release my record at midnight,” she said, hinting that her first album, You Still Here, Ho?, will be published at midnight on Wednesday.




Flo Milli has had one of the most inventive album releases this year, which should be common knowledge by now. The “No Face” rapper cleverly exploited sequences from the legendary reality TV series Flavor Of Love and I Love New York to help promote the album.




It should be well known by now that Flo Milli released one of the year’s most creative albums. The “No Face” rapper skillfully used clips from the venerable reality TV programs I Love New York and Flavor Of Love to promote the album.

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